Hit The Road Jack
Choreographer : Ian Dunn.
Description : 32 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance.
Music : Hit The Road Jack (Special Dance Remix) by Buster Poindexter.

1-2 Right heel forward, slap right toe down & clap (12:00).
3-4 Left heel forward, slap left toe down & clap.
5-6 Touch right toe forward, swing right foot in an ark to right and back.
7-8 Step back on right, hold (Charleston).

1-2 Touch left toe back, swing left foot in an ark to left and forward.
3-4 Step forward on left, hold. (Charleston).
5-6 Right heel forward, slap toe down & clap.
7-8 Left heel forward, slap left toe down & clap.

1-4 Step right forward, left beside right, right back, hold.
5-8 Left back, lock right over left, left back, hold.

1-4 Right back, left beside right, right forward, hold.
5-6 Touch left forward, pivot 1/2 turn (right weight on right) (6:00).
7-8 Step onto left making a 1/4 turn right, hitch right beside left (9:00).

The song has been remixed by the choreographer to last 2:29. This version can only be obtained by emailing the choreographer. If you wish to use the original, there will be a restart after 16 counts on wall 7 and the track is 3:11 long.

This step sheet referred to Kickit.