Heartbreak Hotel
Choreographer : Max Perry
Description : 32 count, 4 wall line dance.
Music : Heartbreak Hotel by Scooter Lee

1 Stomp your right foot in front of your left (this creates a rocking motion forward while taking weight off your left foot).
2 Rock back on your left (put your weight back on your left).
3 Step together with right (bring your right back next to your left and put your weight on it).
& Step left out to side.
4 Step right out to side.
5 Move hips right (Elvis knees - turn opposite knee in at same time!)
6 Move hips left.
7 Move hips right.
& Move hips left (2 quick moves on & 8).
8 Move hips right.
Elvis Knees are fun during this part of the dance. Your feet are at least shoulder width apart As you move your hips to the right, turn your left knee in at the same time. While moving your hips to the left, turn your right knee in at the same time.
1 Step forward left
2 Pivot 1/2 turn right or to the right step forward left.
3 Quickly turn 1/2 turn right or to the right.
& Bring right back beside left (on this move you are going backwards).
4 Step out to side with left (feet are now a little wider apart than your shoulders).
5 Roll right knee outwards or to the right.
6 Roll left knee outwards or to the left.
7 Bring or bump knees inward or together (they don't have to touch).
& Both knees out or apart.
8 Bring or bump knees inward or together.
1 Right step to the right side**
2 Hold (no foot movement)**
3 Left step next to right**
4 Hold (no foot movement)**
5 Left step to the left side**
6 Hold (no foot movement)**
7 Right step next to left**
8 Hold (no foot movement)**
During those last 8 counts you may pump your hips forward & backward (pelvic thrusts)
1 Step forward left & turn 1/4 turn left.
2 Touch right toe out to the right side (point).
3 Cross right in front of left (put weight on right) jazz box.
4 Step back on left.
5 Step to side with right.
6 Walk forward left. In place of these walk moves you may hop forward on both feet!
7 Walk forward right. Lot's of fun!
8 Walk..

This step sheet referred to Kickit.