Remind Me
Choreographer : Jean Bannister.
Description : 32 count, 2 wall, beginner line dance.
Music : I Keep Forgetting by Lee Ann Womack & Vince Gill.

1-2 Rock forward right, recover left.
3&4 Triple step right, left, right with half turn right
5&6 Left shuffle forward.
7&8 Right shuffle forward.

9-10 Rock forward left, recover right.
11&12 Triple step left, right, left with half turn left.
13&14 Right shuffle forward.
15&16 Left shuffle forward.

17-18 Rock out on right, recover left.
19&20 Right cross shuffle.
21-22 Rock out on left, recover right.
23&24 Left cross shuffle.

25-26 Point right to right side, step right behind left.
27-28 Point left to left side, step left behind right.
29-30 Point right to right side, point right toe back.
31&32 Unwind half turn right, tap right toe twice next to left.


This step sheet referred to Kickit.