"X" Out
Choreographed by Scott Lanius
Description: 32 count, 2 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance
Music: Geronimo by James T. Horn
1  Step forward at a 45 degree angle on right foot
2  Tap left toe beside right foot and snap fingers
3  Step back at 45 degree angle on left foot
4  Tap right toe beside left foot and clap
5  Step back at 45 degree angle on right foot
6  Tap left toe beside right and snap fingers
7  Step forward at 45 degree angle on left
8  Make half turn to left (keep weight on left, tap right toe)
9-15  Repeat steps 1 through 7.
16  Make half turn to left (point right toe to right side)

17  Cross right toe over left
18  Point left toe to left
19  Step down on left foot
20  Step back right foot
21  Stomp left foot
22  Scuff right heel forward
23  Cross right over left (tapping toe)
24  Make half turn to left (weight on left)

25-26  Kick right foot forward
27&28  Step back on right, together with left, forward on right
29-30  Kick left foot forward
31&32  Step back on left, together with right, forward on left


This step sheet referred to Kickit.